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The Full Story

About Theta Healing

Theta Is the most potent and powerful healing modality in the world.


Basic introduction

Theta healing is a dynamic therapy using a dream-state meditation to clear blocks and limitations  - effortlessly.

In this state we get access to your subconscious mind, where all belief systems, trauma, past life, genetic coding and ancestral history is stored.

Intuitively, I will find, release and remove the old patterns and frames (abundance blocks, limiting beliefs, sickness, pain, anxiety, addictions and so much more). while instantly replacing them with new empowering beliefs and emotional experiences.

You will be slowly, and safely guided through parts of yourself and your inherited stories.


Digging deeper

Giving permission from you for these instantaneous mental, emotional, psychical , and spiritual changes to occur are necessary. 

Through Theta Healing we are able to remove generational and genetic patterns and unhealed traumas. we forget how much our ancestors, subconscious beliefs, and genetic programming are affecting who we are and the influence it has over our life choices and circumstances today.


Your subconscious mind is directly responsible for the reality you create and by changing these patterns you are changing your life. with ease, joy and glory

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